On Art

The forms of expression I am working with are presently dominated by all kinds of sketches: ranging from the white and black to the cautiously coloured, and articulated upon numerous surfaces: hard paper, soft paper, and paper of varying nuances and density. I use graphite B2 – B8, charcoals, pastel pencils, as well as both soft and hard pastels. As people in my surroundings sometimes say: You see her sketching wherever she is and whatever she (supposedly) does.

Still, my dedication in the artwork lies in stage process. When working more profoundly with colour, figurativeness (or lack of figure) and structure, I often turn to acrylics and oil colours. I draw my inspiration from realism, surrealism, abstract and experimental art, considering questions of perception and reality versus the imaginary. I am frequently told that my paintings are reminisce of literary expression, and as I paint I must admit that there is an intense inner world structure growing (or being found) while I am enacting the process of creativity. When it comes to more delicate picturing or expression, I turn to watercolours, and often I try to face the chosen medium from new aspects to foster new motives for creativity. Guasch and soft pastels are for example important when there is a need to describe an “immediate emotion” or an impulsive line, but since genuine art has no written rules, the boundaries exist only to be challenged.

However, one can still find sceneries of a more traditional kind within my artwork, such as: nature, portraits, scenes from daily life and still life. Experiments with dualistic matters and multifaceted doors to representation are also present at times. Examples of such hybrid modes of expression are realism-abstract, surrealism-abstract-realism, painting-sketch and mixed-painting techniques. There are to be encountered pictures that are more or less directly inspired by well established techniques art history: impressionism, expressionism, neo-impressionosm, surrealism, choice of motives, colour-contact from pop-art, and the conjuncture of text and art. As I do not work with strict definitions of art as such, it is my hope that each unique work speaks for itself through its own creative and individualistic language.

Through the years I have had several projects including cross-medial meetings, and I am constantly involved with up-coming developing projects. Such completed projects include the Weibulls gardening and art project 2005, which was a collection exhibition including artists, garden artists, designers. In 2007 an exhibition called Fragments (Skärvor) in the city of Lund featured some of my poems and paintings. A more contrasting, separate exhibition was held by the sea at Galleri Una, in Bjärred, 2008. Over the past few years I have participated in collective exhibitions of different kinds, such as the Town Hall in Lund, the Embassy of Poland in Stockholm, and exhibiting singular works at cafées in the city of Malmö.

Besides my own projects or larger grouping projects, I am active in diverse custom work. I have been commissioned to produce portraits of people, pets , and sometimes the combination of the two. These have been worked through in various modes – including different sizes, various techniques, and multiple motives. Sometimes the customer interacts or influences the outform, while other times he leaves me with entirely free hands. Other commissions include requests for motives of wild nature, surrealist-inspired pictures, and replicas of my own art (as long as the freedom for innovation is included).

Art is the freedom of evolution in beauty